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Love Triangle on Rhythm City Don’t Miss the ACTION. “Niki and Busi are my future.” Suffo announced to Puleng after their night together. But who’s he trying to convince? We explore Rhythm City’s favourite love triangle.

love triangle puleng and suffoEveryone wants to believe in true love, right? But how do you know when it’s the real thing and when it’s just risky lust?



“We have something really special, okay? It’s always been there and it will be there forever.” Puleng is putting up a fight for Suffo. At the end of last night’s episode she asked him if he wants to spend the next 40 years with someone who isn’t the love of his life.

suffo and puleng

And Niki knows there’s trouble and she won’t give up her marriage without a fight, But does she know that its Puleng?!

Should Suffo give up his responsibilities and his marriage to follow his heart? Watch #TeamNiki VS #TeamPuleng on Rhythm City every week day at 7PM on eTV.


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