HE IS qualified to work with flowers, but instead he sells anything he can lay his hands on for nyaope.

And now, after months of being on the street, Refentse Lekganyane (20) is back home with his mother and wants to quit taking drugs. She wants to send him to rehab but does not have the money.


Refentse, from block S in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria spent the weekend sitting quietly in his bedroom with his legs chained together.

This was not to punish him. The nyaope addict had begged his mother Eldia Lekganyane (55) to chain him up so that he could not go out looking for nyaope.

According to the man who found him last Sunday, Khutso Mpete (30), he was touched by Refentse’s situation.

“I found him selling CDs for someone in Saulsville. I questioned him and he told me that he was working for a bad boss just to buy nyaope and get a place to sleep. I thought he deserved a second chance so I took him home,” said Khutso.

Refentse’s mum said he has stolen cash and anything he could lay his hands on in the house.

Refentse said he is ashamed of all the things he had done to feed his habit

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