Lewis Hamilton says he is going to minimise his appearances at news conferences over what he says is a lack of respect from the media.

The move follows criticism he received for his behaviour in a news conference.


In it, Hamilton posted images of himself and a fellow driver on Snapchat with bunny faces and gave minimal answers.

He said it was intended as “a super light-hearted thing” and what was written was “more disrespectful”.



As a result, he said: “Unfortunately the decision I will take unfortunately affects those who have been super-supportive, so that is why I am saying it with the utmost respect.

“But I don’t really plan on sitting here many more times for these kind of things. So my apologies and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend.”

He then walked out of the news conference.

His remarks came in his usual news conference in the Mercedes area in the paddock at the Japanese Grand Prix after qualifying.

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