Gadifele quickly endears herself to Mapula and the children. Rhythm City, weekdays 7PM.

Lerato’s gig is an absolute failure and makes her a laughing stock.  Mapula’s long-lost aunt quickly endears herself to Mapula and the children. After the successful heist, Themba starts to get ideas – that don’t include Suffo.


Lerato Rhythm City Tuesday
Suffo hopes he never has to do another heist again. But Themba has other ideas. Gadifele ingratiates herself to Mapula and the kids but something about Emmanuel unsettles her. Bongi goes to a Recovery Meeting and gets partnered with an intriguing guy.

Mapula tells Gadifele about Bra Honest raping her. David decides to use drugs in order to help Brenda. Doc is jealous when he sees Bongi with another man. Bongi notices and thinks she still has a chance with Doc.

Bongi confesses to Lungile that she’s freaked out by the reappearance of Chicken Dust. Mapula is grateful and feels safe when Gadifele promises to make a plan about the welfare money. Bash has his doubts about the heist, and wants to leave.

Encouraged by Doc, Bongi starts recording with Chicken Dust. Gadifele comes between Mapula and Emmanuel. Nikki’s concern for Bash leads her into a confrontation with Themba.

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