Uhm… what do you assume when someone wears a huge ring on their ring finger? That person is engaged, right?

Well, that’s not always the case (who would have thought?), in Lerato Kganyago’s case at least.


The TV and radio personality got quite the reaction after posting a picture of herself with a ring on her RING FINGER. The beautiful and sparkly piece of jewelry caught people’s attention and they couldn’t help but ask if she said ‘yes’ to someone.


One fan wrote: “Hello Lerato are you engaged?” Lala responded: “I’ve mentioned SO many times I’m single!” It seems like that response wasn’t enough, and Lerato shared a video explaining the ring situation.

In the short Instagram clip, Lerato explained: “Okay, okay, everybody calm down. I’ve been saying it’s a dressing ring. I’m not engaged, I’m still very much single, still ready to mingle…”

There you have it, people. Lala is

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