Actor Jerry Mofokeng is looking at going behind the camera soon.

After over two decades in front of the camera, the legendary thespian has revealed that he has plans to go into production by 2017.


Mofokeng has appeared on numerous local and international screen productions such as Safe House, Tsotsi, Mr Bones and Lord of War.

Speaking to Sowetan LIVE at the screening of eTV’s latest series Heist, which he stars in, Mofokeng said that he could not reveal exactly what he will be producing.

“I’m planning to be producing very soon. I can’t say what but I’m going to do that,” he said with excitement.

“There’ve been so many requests I can’t ignore that. We need to leave a legacy, a legacy is not money. It’s tangible things that you can leave people with, so that’s what made me to decide that I am going to produce and will probably direct in 2017.”

After a bit of persuasion, Mofokeng finally revealed that he has always loved telling unique African stories and he plans on doing that in his productions.

“I always want rooted African stories, stories that could only happen in Africa, that’s what I’m after.”

During the screening, Mofokeng sat quietly on the bench facing the series’ projection watching himself.

With his face lighting up at every scene he appeared on, it was as if he was watching his role model in action.

Mofokeng plays Talent – a man who was unfairly dismissed from his job, was also not given any retrenchment ‘package’ and is now looking at getting revenge by stealing from his bosses – in the series which starts airing Tuesday, 9 February.

With the help of Wright Ngubeni, who plays 5Bob, Talent (Mofokeng) starts putting together a crew to help him pull a successful heist.

Speaking about the experience he had shooting the series, Mofokeng says that he enjoyed working with youngsters like Warren Masemola, Macebo Twalo and former ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ host Phumeza Mdabe among others.

“To act with actors and not models because I challenge them, they challenge me and the chemistry just gets the best out of all sides, generations apart. That was the beauty of it,” he said.

He said that the producers of the series told him that they knew the role was his from the moment they started writing the script.

“I felt it’s good that our guys in the country give us the due respect and honour that we deserve. I was invited to do this and the young writer told me that in their discussions they said ‘let’s not waste time, this is ntate Jerry Mofokeng’s character. He is the best person to do this and if he’s not available we will audition but that’s it’,” he said.

“The director gave me the space to experiment and to go beyond what’s on the page. So I did things that if you see the script you might not recognise so it’s that mutual respect between the actor and the director.”

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