Faith Nketsi‚ South Africa’s self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Twerk‚’ has become a household name overnight after a graphic video showing a man’s pen_is was posted to her Instagram account.

The video‚ which has since been deleted from her Instagram account‚ has gone viral after followers copied it from Instagram and uploaded to several social media sites.


While there are numerous profiles under her name on social media‚ fans refer to her as a ‘dancer’ and ‘entertainer.’ Shortly after the video was posted‚ a statement was released to the same account‚ in which the original video was initially posted.

In it‚ she claims that it was a ‘private’ video that had been leaked to her Instagram account‚ saying the video was of herself and her boyfriend while they were on vacation.

“We don’t know how it happened or when it happened but it was immediately removed”

The Instagram account that the video was on has over 171 000 followers‚ but has since been made a private account‚ with users having to request permission to see her profile.

‘Queen Twerk’ has been trending on social media for over 24 hours with a renewed burst after the statement‚ seemingly from her Instagram account‚ was released.

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