Spending time in hospital could not dampen Lalla Hirayama’s birthday celebration.

After being hospitalised for exhaustion, TV personality Lalla Hirayama is back on her feet again and ready to tackle the year.


But before she does that, the 28-year-old recently celebrated her birthday with family and close friends after the hospitalisation scare.

According to the TV presenter, Lalla was dragged out of bed to enjoy the finer things in life and to be thankful for yet another year of success and happiness.

Lalla celebrated her special day at the Big Mouth restaurant situated at the Mandela Square and by the looks of these pictures, Lalla sure has some good friends who truly care for her.

FRIENDS cupcakes? Yes please!

When it’s your birthday you need to eat good, over indulge if need be

Laughter is the best medicine….always

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