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I WAS telling my friend about some guy who runs a seminar to teach women how to get more money from their boyfriends. She said: “So, if they’re not prostitutes, why

must they milk men? Why are women still avoiding hard work for their own keep? Why would you expect a man to pay for your hair, lashes, nails, make-up and clothes? Those are things which will all come off in the end!
Kuli Roberts

“Natural beauty is easier, cheaper and less stressful – without weaves, lashes, nails and make-up. Why bother to nag a man for all those things that make you look like a drag artist?”

I have no clue. But hey, she can talk! Nonetheless, my friend is right when she says

high-maintenance women should stop depending on their men’s wages. Be calm, ladies – and find your own source of income.

Surely, you paid for your own hair before you met him, so why must you expect cash in a relationship?

Is he an ATM and do you reciprocate in a perpetual state of thankfulness?

Darling – are you so pathetic that you can’t date a man without asking him for things to make you appear prettier? Are you dating your man for cash? Are you the kind of woman who salivates when you see his wallet?

Please, don’t tell me you expect imali yomqamelo.

Hun, you’re not a hooker. But when did women become so greedy they have to take extortion lessons?

Ladies – please remember your dignity and stop asking men for your nails, hair and clothes. What you need are worldly possessions in your own name, like a car or a great handbag. And who has sex for a bag?

No sane woman asks her man for cash unless she resembles a camel – hairy and bumpy with large feet. Demanding manicure money is demeaning. I say you deserve the moon and the stars!

A man is not asked for money. Angel, he comes with it. He is it. First, he gives you your own card for shopping and lunch. This is the kind of man who’ll expect you to move in and be his.

A man of this stature doesn’t want you to ask, play tricks or wheedle like a little girl when you want something. You become his wealth.

So stop silly seminars, or asking for eWallet or airtime. Stop dating boys and start dating men who won’t make you fetch. Unless you like being his bitch.

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