I REALLY am not surprised by the number of cheap men who are excited by the idea of never looking after the women they sleep with. Sies!

Why would you call yourself a man if you did not buy the clothes you so eagerly remove? What kind of individual wastes a woman’s time by being stingy and cheap with his hard-earned cash? Do you men know how lucky you are and how grateful you should be for all that hotness?


I can never understand why a man disturbs you with outlandish promises only to go cheap on you a week later. Those cheap men should hang out under bridges with women of matching calibre, where they can dine on five pieces of chicken and a dozen chips!

Ladies – beware of the guy who won’t part with his money but expects you to part your legs. Mr Louis Vuitton, who loves his Prada near his Ferrari keys, has been spoilt by cheap women who give it away for free or for his company. So don’t ever give men free sex – unless he’s your sex buddy, or he’s dying.

Men compensate for taking a wife and surely if you have to scream in the sack like a wife, you should be given money like one.

“Are you telling them to sell the honeypot, Boo?” asks my friend, while she’s trying to figure out which ex-husband she should blackmail for new shoes.

Stop dating boys. Only boys ask you what things cost, while they’re feasting as if they’d paid cover charge. A man should never be given free sex unless you’ve married him.

A cheap man is only good for the sack and nothing else. Never take him out in public as you will probably end up paying for dinner and he’ll probably steal the next table’s tips.

Why do broke men love sex so much? You’d think they would be out there improving themselves. Never ever give them free punani – even on their birthdays.

Am I asking women to sell their honeypots? Hell, no – but definitely never give them away for free! For compensation comes in many ways. Change her life if you’re going to disturb it. Don’t tell her she likes material things, she knows that already.

Treat a woman as if she were your last and shower her with gifts. No romance without finance. Don’t sell it, but never give a man free punani. It’s demeaning.

It’s simple, guys! If you want free sex when it suits you, try next door. Because we’re not about that life and its consequences. Pay, dude – or move on.
-Daily Sun

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