Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought a massive Hidden Hills home in 2014 for $20 million and have been waiting for what feels like forever until the renovations are complete. Now, we’ve learned exactly what’s been taking so long…

The couple has been putting tons of work into the property. In fact, the 5-acre compound will rival that of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch once it’s completed.


E! News has learned the mansion will include: a 2-story playroom, full-size movie theater, gym and a basketball court. It will also come complete with a hair salon and a full spa with facial and massage rooms for Kim as well as a sound studio for ‘Ye.



“They will move into the Hidden Hills home when it’s completed in a few months.”

Kim chatted briefly with us about the home last year, explaining how she and Kanye are basically turning it into an all-new home. “Still a lot of work to do,” Kim said of the massive renovation at the time. “But when it’s done it will be amazing.”

She continued, “We have to re-do my closet, the bathroom, the kitchen. So we’re doing, like, section by section.”

In order to build their perfect dream home, Kim and Kanye even bought the neighbors’ homenext door for $2.9 million in 2014. This allowed them to expand their property and account for all the additions they wanted (a real-size home theater takes up a lot of space, after all!).

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