Three Nelspruit boys were intercepted by the community after they had kidnapped a local girl with intent to kill her and sell her body parts off to a sangoma for ritual purposes.

The incident, has left the whole community in shock and baying for the trios blood. According to an eye witness, the boys, who were not named , are well known in the community and had recently started showing off their money and wealth which they said they got from selling ‘stuff’. However, on this day, it is believed they lured one girl who was identified as Luthando to their pad. Once there, it is believed they kidnapped the girl and chucked her in their car trunk and drove off heading to the bush where they intended to kill her and harvest her body parts


As they drove to the bush, their car broke down and Luthando got the attention of other motorists as there was noice coming from the trunk. Upon opening the trunk, eye witnesses say they found Luthando in there together with a machete, rope, paraffin and matches. Luthando narrated what had happened to the small crowd that had gathered by now. The crowd meted instant mob justice on the three boys and undressed them before parading them in the streets.

It was after the community had gave them a good beating did the kidnappers confess they wanted to kill the lady and sell off her body parts to a local sangoma for R20 000 per n_ipple.

The three culprits were eventually taken to the police station.

Source  iMzansi

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