A GIRL (5) is fighting for her life after she and her two brothers swallowed tablets.

The pills were in painkiller packaging but it’s not known what ingredients they contained.


Londeka Nkwanyana of KwaMashu, north of Durban, and her brothers Nkanyiso (3) and Sondelwa Nala (2) had to be rushed to hospital on Sunday.

The three children found the tablets in the house on Saturday night.

The brothers are in a stable condition but Londeka is still critically ill.

Paramedics from KZN emergency medical services have warned parents to keep their medication out of children’s reach.

Spokesman Robert McKenzie said the tablets were in the wrong pack.




“The package appeared to contain paracetamol but the tablets were not paracetamol. At this stage it has not yet been established what they were for.”

McKenzie said paramedics received a call late at night from the kids’ relatives.

“When we arrived at the house the children were very ill and required advanced life support treatment. At this stage the circumstances that led to them discovering the tablets are still unknown.”

He warned parents of their duty to keep all medication that could be harmful out of children’s reach.

“Tablets may seem like sweets to little ones. Parents should also make sure their medication is in its original packaging.

“Children need to be educated about the danger of swallowing unknown medication.”

The family has refused to comment.

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