Multiple award winning, South African artist, Khuli Chana (“The MotswakOriginator”), has just debuted the music video for his hit single #MONEY!

Watch Khuli Chana’s #MONEY music video here:


The song, #MONEY, was inspired by Khuli Chana’s favourite episode of the Martin Lawrence series as a teenager, where in the episode Martin Lawrence owed someone money and when asked for it his response was: “I got your money but I ain’t giving it to ya!” This line now forms the hook in Khuli Chana’s #MONEY track which goes: “I GOT SOME MONEY, BUT I AIN’T GIVING IT 2 YA!”

Khuli Chana

The video was directed by Kyle Lewis and gives a fun interpretation to the track. Watch and enjoy!

Join the #MONEY conversation online with Khuli Chana. Share you stories and memes and sentiments on the video. Don’t forget the hashtag: #MONEY 

Download Khuli Chana’s #MONEY single here:


Stream Khuli Chana’s #MONEY single here:

Khuli Chana soldier
“I’m a soldier,these shoulders hold up so much,they won’t budge,I’ll never fall or fold up.Im a soldier,even if my collar bone crush or crumble,I will never slip or stumble” -slim #BaddestTeam #MamaLefika #StillWalking&Dabbing

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