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2015 has been a big year of transition for Khanyi Mbau. She has been outspoken about changing her ways. Going from only dating men with money, to finding herself and making her own cash, Khanyi says her wish for 2016 is more time.

“I want to carry on working hard and I’m trying to my hardest to master being a single, working mom. I wish for more time for myself and my mom. Well, more strength to my mom. The more strength she has, the more I can achieve.”


Khanyi says she’ll be spending Christmas with her family and will then be heading to Cape Town to “party up a storm.”

So, what’s the worst Christmas gift she has received? “Bath salts… urgh.” But she’s been spoilt too. “Someone paid for my child’s school fees for a year. That was special.”

khanyi mbau daughter
Boating with @mbau2 happy birthday my little human #?

-The Juice


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