Khanyi Mbau posted on her Facebook attacking Pulane Lenkoe.

“Pulane Lenkoe or shall I say dear God as you have come in a woman’s form, judgmental mentality is of a “righteous” soul that has put its own life on hold to speculate and add commentary to people’s lives.


You speak with such conviction and yet your opinion is twisted and set in a tabloid tone, you’re a garbage eater, a fan sitting too close to the screen to see the actual movie.

Honey, if I was 19 and could defraud a 51 year old man of his riches, if they ever existed then I must be a rich single parent! No one can buy shoes and hair for “R58 million” ( take note in “quotes”)

You childish mentality should at least afford you a calculator before you can even try advise grown ass men where they should insert their penises and invest their time and money.

What millionaire have you made or defrauded, Broken or helped save money?

Which penthouse did you stay in at Melrose Arch as I haven’t seen you at our gym?

You’re quick to judge and run your mouth Virgin Mary forgetting that another woman called Mary too already gave birth to Jesus 2000 years ago! You’re late to try and get featured in the bible as heaven already has its top three God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

Try to retaliate and sound Margaret Thatcher on us again and know anything u say now falls on deaf ears. YOU ARE A WELL TABLOID INFORMED FAN, A FAN I PROBABLY TURNED DOWN FOR A PICTURE IN MY REPO’D LAMBO OF MY FORMER RICH BABY DADDY.


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