Controversial businessman Kenny Kunene has come out in support of Boity Thulo who found herself making headlines this past weekend, after a zoomed-in picture of what was thought to be her vagina went viral.

The former Sushi King slammed the backlash which Boity got on social media over her dress at this year’s SAMAs.


“This is so unfair n insulting on Boity…pity on women who r laughing… Walk tall Boity ur success is killing em,” Kenny tweeted.

The TV star became the talk of the town after the zoomed-in picture started doing the rounds on social media on Saturday night.

A fuming Boity has since slammed commentary surrounding the picture.

Setting the record straight Boity made it clear that she would never wear such a skimpy dress that it showed off her vagina, and that the picture was “clearly Photoshopped.”

Apart from the picture Boity was also greeted with a string of insulting comments about her body, which she came out strongly against.

Boity said that she will not allow anyone to dictate how she dresses. “I will personally dress as I please, I will express myself the way I see fit and I encourage everyone to do the exact same.”

Here is the picture that broke the internet…

Boity at the SAMA22

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