Kelly Khumalo MAKES Headlines for BLEACHING HER SKIN. Songstress Kelly Khumalo recently caused quite a stir with her followers on instagram by making a bold statement on skin bleaching.

Kelly Khumalo Instagram Bleaching

The controversy-prone songbird shared a close-up shot of her face, with a pro-skin bleaching caption that read:


“Ima BLEACH until Jesus Comes, you are too damn stupid to think that your opinion matters…”

One of her concerned followers asked her to stop glamorizing skin bleaching, since many see her as a role model, especially young people.

“..Please think about the younger ones sisi, that look up to you as their idol. Even if you are doing it, keep it for yourself; don’t make it to be a good thing because it’s not… I like your songs but, I think glamorizing bleaching your skin is wrong.” the fan jotted down in the comment section.

Kelly seemed unbothered by the comment, clapping back:

“I have never asked to be anyone’s role model. No one I mean no one has a right to impose their believes on me I’m my own person, living my life and I will do as I please… so please don’t tie me down with all this nonsense of people looking up to me. It’s their choice I never asked them.”

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