Kelly Khumalo & Arthur Mafokate get a lil cosy in new picture. We are not implying anything… We are not sure what their relationship is but we know Kelly Khumalo and Chomee are pals and we also know that Arthur and Chomee were are an item… Enough of the history…

Kelly Khumalo posted a picture on her instagram in Arthur’s arms and its the captions that caught us by surprise hence the “cosy” on the title…. Eh my husbandooo@arthurmafokate….” Kelly said with the picture…  But wait before you get your rumour mill running… It seemed all business after Arthur Mafokate posted the same picture and said… Some trade secrets just can’t be kept secret ? – Our single finally coming out, video to be finally shot ? #NguweLo

Kelly Khumalo & Arthur Mafokate
Kelly Khumalo & Arthur Mafokate

So it seems all business… But is it just that? Should Chomee be worried?

Eh my husbandooo @arthurmafokate….

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  • mike

    Business pamberi

  • Portia Mutasa

    why did she call him husbandoooo?

  • dennisk33

    she likes chaos kkkkkkk

  • Madzibaba Phidza

    Kelly kuda zvingu