Controversial rapper Kanye West has seemingly responded to critics of his latest music video‚ suggesting that someone should sue him.

Kanye shocked many of his fans when he took to the music video for his track Famous to show himself lying alongside several other life-like wax figure celebrities‚ all of them in the nude.


The orgy scene includes  Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor, Kanye, Kim, Ray J and Amber Rose.

Other lookalikes in the video are Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, George W. Bush, Donald Trump and Anna Wintour.


KANYEAfter the controversy Kanye caused by claiming he made Taylor Swift famous in the song’s lyrics‚ fans were quick to notice that a wax figure resembling the Shake It Off singer was one of the main celebs featured in a racy scene from the video.

As fans flooded social media with messages reacting to the video‚ suggestions were that Kanye might face legal action for the stunt.

He later deleted the tweet‚ but it was captured by fans and shared online.

Meanwhile‚ HollywoodLife reports that Taylor was left “mad as hell” by the stunt and is said to be considering how to respond.

Chris Brown‚ who also had a wax figure look-a-like in the video‚ has responded to Kanye West‚ criticising him for giving his model “plumber’s butt.”

“Why I gotta have the plumber’s butt/ crack showing WAX figure? This nigga KANYE CRAZY‚ talented‚ but crazy‚” he wrote on Instagram.

Rapper French Montana has defended Kanye. ”I feel like he brings, he brings entertainment to the game. I feel the game is boring without Kanye. I feel like we need that sometimes. ”He’s a genius. He’s creative. Sometimes he might go a little overboard, but he’s smarter than his moves, you know.”

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