A Joburg man was arrested this morning for masturba.ting in public. The man was allegedly traveling using Gautrain from Rhodesfiled to Sandton around 5:00 AM on Monday morning.

We have so far managed to confirm that the man’s name is Madoda Ngwenya.


Madoda did this in the presence of other passengers. A woman who was sitting next to him confirmed the allegations. The unidentified female was sitting near Madoda, who is said to be 41 years old, when he started playing with his pe.nis through his sweat pa.nts. According to the woman, Madoda eventually pulled out his e.rect p.enis and openly masturb.ated in front of her.

Madoda continued to masturb.ate throughout the ride as other riders began to notice his actions. It is said that this started happening right after he went through a couple of photos of women in bikinis in his phone.

People then called the police, who then waited for him at the station in Sandton. Even as the people called the police, witnesses state that Madoda kept masturb.ating until they arrived in Sandton. The officers took statements from the riders and finally from him. He was read his rights and then he confessed to his actions. He stated that he engaged in the long masturb.ation session because he thought “since the victim didn’t say anything to him she was enjoying it.”

He was then arrested and booked into Jail on a charge of indecent exposure. According to sources, this is not the first time a passenger has engaged in a marathon masturbation session in a Gautrain. In June 2014, another man watched porn on his cell phone and soon after started helping himself.

Source : News SA

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