We can finally put a name to the woman whose picture was circulating this week, and was labeled as the ‘new ANC swimwear for local elections’.

Her name is Errice Alicia, a Jamaican model who is apparently not pleased with the ruling party of South Africa using her photo in the upcoming local elections campaign without her permission. According to The Edge Search she is taking them to court.


On Tuesday, her picture was posted on ANC Jozi’s Twitter page and was accompanied with a question asking users on their thoughts about the new ANC swimwear. The hashtags #RegistrationWeek and #VoteANC suggested that the ‘new swimwear’ was created ahead of the registration of the local government elections taking place on March 5 and 6.

ANC swimwear



The Edge Search further reports that Alicia is busy consulting with her lawyers to sue the ANC for using her picture without her permission. They revealed that she is looking to sue the ANC for R5 million.

This is the Jamaican model: 



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  • yeah that is what happens when you let people go wild on social media