“JAIL is not a good place for convicted murderer Sindisiwe Manqele.” “It will destroy her and affect her chances of rehabilitation,” said Seipati Monyamane, a psychologist at the University of Joburg. She was speaking to the High Court in Palm Ridge yesterday.

She said it would be better if she was sentenced to house arrest.


Speaking in mitigation of sentence, Monyamane said correctional supervision for Sindisiwe is a suitable punishment. She said the 26-year-old showed remorse for killing her boyfriend Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi on 9 March last year.

Monyamane said Sindisiwe was emotional when she spoke about the events that led to her killing Flabba.

She added she has lost her appetite and was irritable.

The court heard that Sindisiwe supports her cousins financially and she wouldn’t be able to do that if she was jailed.

Sindisiwe’s second witness, Medhurst Mapitse from correctional services, said Sindisiwe wished to ask for forgiveness from Flabba’s family.

Sindisiwe Manqele

He said he believed Sindisiwe would be a suitable candidate for correctional supervision.

Criminologist Zain Halle said Sindisiwe stabbed her boyfriend only once, which rules out anger.

He said multiple stab wounds would have shown that the accused was angry when she stabbed Flabba.

Prosecutor Paul Schutte called the victim’s brother Tshepang Habedi to testify in aggravation of the sentence and he told the court the family was not coping with Flabba’s death. The hearing continues.

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