It’s the week of Suffo and Puleng’s wedding! Watch Rhythm City every weekday at 7PM #SuffoWedding

Monday, 24 August
Puleng and Suffocate complete their final wedding plans and Niki doubts whether she can go through with this arrangement. Cuba tries to find ways to sabotage Niki, but Puleng calls her mother to order.  David and Bongi put together their plan but Bongi starts to have doubts about working with him. David and Bongi shock Doc with a bold and unexpected announcement. Sifiso begs Reneilwe’s forgiveness, but Reneilwe has decided to go solo.


Tuesday, 25 August
There’s a lot of drinking at the bachelor’s party and Niki is trying her best to be cool about everything, but she realises at the last minute that she can’t go with everyone to KZN for the wedding. Reneilwe makes a play to secure her own musical future without Sifiso’s help, but has she made a catastrophically embarrassing error? David puts his plan into action with Bongi Diamond, and strong-arms Doc into accepting the record deal, to Lerato’s great distress.

Wednesday, 26 August – #SuffoWedding day!
Everyone – except Cuba – is happy when Niki unexpectedly arrives at the wedding. She and Puleng even put their differences aside, but it’s painful for her to watch Puleng and Suffocate going off together on honeymoon. Zinzi assumes Doc no longer has a hold over Bongi now that she has a recording deal. Bongi asks Doc if he will allow Zinzi to see her, but Doc says if she doesn’t stay away from Zinzi he will tell Zinzi the ugly truth.

Suffo and Puleng wedding

Thursday, 27 August
Doc pleads with Lerato to play along with Bongi while biding his time with David. Lerato can’t help but assert herself when she finds herself in studio with Bongi. An insecure Bongi finds encouragement from Zinzi, David, and the bottle to keep going.  Niki is feeling a little vulnerable and alone with Suffocate and Puleng away on honeymoon. Reneilwe works up the courage to face Sifiso but when she catches him kissing Jesse, she ends up getting drunk and making a move on Bash.

Friday, 28 August
On the advice of David, Bongi starts to try to get close to Lerato, but it looks as though this is going to be a struggle. Solomon returns, and is cautioned by Doc not to tell Zinzi the secret that caused the rift between him and Bongi, even though Zinzi is increasingly aware that she is not being told the whole story about her mother.  Shakes’ late night show is a growing success and is attracting the interest of Zondi. Despite Mampho’s warnings Shakes is amenable to the approaches of his uncle.  When Reneilwe wakes in Bash’s bed she assumes she has had sex with him, and is freaked out.



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