Its a KISS of DEATH – Once she kisses you, you give her all the MONEY. A man recently lost all his salary to a HOOKER named Mitchell with big ASSets that he met in a tavern in Alexandra.

He said he met the voluptuous woman 2 weeks ago. “she just walked up to me and told me i was handsome” the angry man said. After telling me that she KISSED ME long and hard and all that i remember from that is i gave her my bank card and pin.


A few days later i got an sms to say money was withdrawn from my account and now i am trying to call her but she is not answering. The desperate man explained to us via email. He suspects that the women might have use juju or muthi so that when she kissed him he went crazy. He said he was going to visit a local Sangoma to try and lift the curse and maybe locate the woman.

We wished him all the best in his efforts to try locate the woman….

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