The month of May is International Masturbation Month, yet we still live in a society where talking about self pleasure is taboo.

Just recently former rapper Bongani “Mr Selwyn” Ngwenya slammed pornography and masturbation and said it’s committing sin and manifesting evil spirits.

Part of the quote stated: “Watching porn gets you addicted to masturbation.

“Masturbation has you believe when you ejaculate your body is released of tension.
“While your spirit is groaning and moaning for the violation of the demon of lust you’ve allowed in, you have the power to violate and scratch your spirit with the claws of lust through porn.”
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The Cambridge Dictionaries Online defines masturbation as follows: “To touch or rub your sexual organs in order to give yourself sexual pleasure or to touch or rub someone’s sexual organs in order to give them sexual pleasure.”

Bishop Patrick Ledwaba of His Mind Ministries in Ormonde, south of Joburg, said masturbation can be good and bad.

“When you’re masturbating, you have someone else on your mind and you’re
imagining yourself and this person together in a sexual manner.

“The negative is that those who do this often can end up avoiding real relationships,” he said.

He also said it can come
between partners and break up relationships if one of the partners becomes obsessed with masturbation and
prefers it above an interactive approach.

On the positive side, he said people who masturbate can avoid diseases and reach climax without having to maintain a relationship.

“It’s also healthy because those who indulge in it get to climax and address their sexual needs.

“I advise partners to participate in masturbation together so they can make it part of foreplay and learn to masturbate together,” he said.

Mpho Mafani (not her real name) said being single has made her explore masturbation.

“I don’t have to deal with men and their lies, and I get to do it whenever I feel like it.

“All I need when I masturbate is data and my smartphone to watch some pornography to help me climax quicker,” she said.

Mpho said this is the 21st century and those who are not masturbating shouldn’t judge those who are.

“I’m at peace knowing I can pleasure myself with or without sex toys.

“Self pleasure is the most liberating thing any human being can do for themselves,” she said.

It can also help sustain a long-distance relationship.

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