J Juicy M has been getting a lot of recognition for her looks and talent, but we think some South African DJs are far more impressive

Stunning, sexy, beautiful, talented, artistic.


Those are just some of the words used to describe DJ Juicy M when you do a search for her on the internet.

We don’t disagree, either. She has built an incredible reputation around the world for her DJing skills, while magazines and websites constantly have her at the top of their ‘Best Looking’ and ‘Sexiest’ charts when it comes to the world of DJing.

The pictures below are proof of that…

juicy m big image boat


dj juicy m big deck musicdj juicy m jungle bikini rocks

However, we believe that South African DJs could easily give the Ukrainian a run for her money in both the talent and looks departments.

Here are the South African DJs we would love to have perform at our own private house parties..

DJ Zinhle

zinhle 1

Lady Lea

lady lea decks

Fixfix dj

Sammy Sosasammy sosa

Ms Cosmo

ms cosmo dj decks music



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