HAVE you broken up with your lover but your ex-partner is still nagging you?

Worry no more, inyanga Rarang Mogale will peacefully sort out the problem for you.


Or so claims the 45-year-old former
English and geography high school teacher who now works happily as an inyanga specialising in break-ups.

Rarang from Ditatju Village in Senwabarwana, Limpopo, holds an honours degree in environmental education. Rarang said she has always been aware that she had a calling.



“I just did not want to accept it until about four years ago when I got seriously ill. No doctor could help. And I knew it was time to answer my calling. I had vivid dreams showing me exactly where to go and thwasa. I had to go to Zimbabwe.”

Upon her return, Rarang continued to work as a teacher by day and an inyanga in the afternoons.

“That did not work out well though as I got too busy and both jobs suffered,” she said.

She traded the classroom for the bones.

“I knew I had a greater purpose to help and heal people,” said Rarang, who added that she has been blessed with the ability to make sure that break-ups are peaceful.

“We all know it’s never easy to deal with a heartbreak and it can create bad blood between two people who were once in love.

“I ensure that there’s no bloodshed or even contact after a break-up.

“I use cow horns to chase the irritating partner away,” she claimed confidently.

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