Interpol DUMPS FIFA after Corruption Investigations. Interpol announced the suspension of its agreement with World Football Governing body FIFA following investigations into corruption against football’s governing body.

Under a May 2011 agreement, the world police body received a donation from Fifa worth €20 million to create a 10-year integrity in sport programme.


However, there have questions about money changing hands in connection with the awarding of soccer World Cups.

Interpol’s integrity in sport programme has helped international efforts across its 190 member countries to prevent the manipulation of sporting events and illegal gambling by criminal groups.

The decision by the world police body’s Secretary General Jürgen Stock will see it freeze the use of financial contributions from Fifa.

The police organisation’s executive committee endorsed the decision after its three-day meeting concluded in France today.

Interpol says it will continue to closely monitor developments involving Fifa.

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  • Paul

    Blatter Must pay back the MONEY!

  • Portia Mutasa

    yeah pay it back since u were president 1 million every 4 yrs!