TV personality Luthando Shosha has hit back at social media haters in an online rant as she defends her cellulite following some negative posts.

She took to Instagram to air her views on Sunday‚ saying: “What shocked me was the fact that only WOMEN were the one’s commenting about my knee or ‘dimples’ (because we not mature enough to just say CELLULITE!).”


Luthando showed off her left thigh in a long‚ striking pink number with a high slit. Subsequently‚ a number of social media users took to various platforms to comment on the nature of her thighs.


lootDuring her tirade‚ she further explained: “We’re in a place where we constantly need to remind ourselves that ‘we’re enough’‚ imperfections and all. We have to remember that we’re enough but if the very same people we’re trying to inspire or show; that imperfection is actually a norm‚ are the same people pulling us down for it‚ then we [are] failing.”

She pointed out that recently‚ South Africans collectively gathered in support of Lerato Kganyago‚ following a series of unedited pictures of her which were published by True Love‚ without her consent. However‚ in the same breathe‚ Luthando accused women of being the “first to call us out and tell us about how imperfect we are.”

Luthando added that people should get over the fact that she has cellulite and that she has no plans to hide for anyone.

“What I’m not okay with is YOU making YOUR problem with MY cellulite my problem on MY page. You have to do better! Be better so you don’t come charging at women who are alright with their cellulite when you are also probably dimpled.”






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