44 year old Andrew Mbonani says he’s tired of party girls and cheaters. The lonely man from Mayfield in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni is looking for stress-free material!

He believes he can find love and warmth in the hands of sugar mamas. “I have been hurt so many times because I’ve met the wrong people. I’m not a player. I want to be in serious relationship.


“I have been in relationships with younger women and those of my age but we got nowhere. “They only liked partying and worse, some of them even cheated on me.

Andrew Mbonani
Andrew Mbonani

“Others drank more than their fathers. I drink as well, but not the way they did,” he said. “I’m looking for sugar mamas because they are more mature and willing to settle down. They won’t give me headaches.

“I once dated an older woman. She treated me like a king but we had to end the relationship when she moved to the Eastern Cape. “I don’t know why I’m so unlucky with women. I perform well in bed, so I just don’t know. Maybe I’m too serious about life.”

Daily Sun spoke to one woman who had dated Andrew. She said they parted ways because he was too strict. “I liked having fun and to party but he’s not that type of the guy. But I wish him well in his search.”

Andrew works part-time and is looking for a permanent job. “I’m looking for a mature women and she won’t regret it.  “I’m a loving person. I want a woman who wants to settle down.”

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