Hip-hop star The Game is expanding his presence in the marijuana industry, becoming the latest celebrity to invest in a cannabis-related business. But more than that, he plans to be the first one to make a billion from the marijuana market.

This comes after it was announced that the rapper has taken a co-ownership stake in The Reserve, one of the few medical marijuana dispensaries operating legally in the state of California, US.


the gameAccording to a statement released by the company, this new investment makes The Game the first celebrity to partner with this sort of establishment in California.

Taking to Instagram after the announcement, the rapper declared a war of marijuana-related businesses on Snoop Dogg, who launched his own brand of pot last year, after pointing out that he’ll the first celebrity to make a billion from his new venture in 10 years time.

“The word is spreading. I’m gonna be the 1st celebrity to make a billion off marijuana in the next 10 years & its legal! Just got off the phone wit my uncle @SnoopDogg & he said the race is on…. We gone see unc!”

Through his partnership with The Reserve, The Game revealed that he plans to develop more branded strains that will be available at the dispensary before being distributed elsewhere.

He also wants to create a “safe and legal access to a plant that saves lives and changes futures”.

“The Reserve is my platform for nationwide education and statewide access to consistent, locally grown, premium medicine,” he added.

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