Idols SA Judge Unathi Msengana said she was wrong to insult a Metro FM listener earlier this week.

The incident and a fight she had with a Twitter user on Monday has led to her being suspended.unathi


When asked about the Twitter fight on Monday, Unathi told Daily Sun that she didn’t want to talk about it.

She got into hot water with listeners after saying everyone knows that Stellenbosch University is Afrikaans and if one wants to learn in English one shouldn’t go there.

She was discussing a documentary, Luister, made by students to expose racism on campus.

Unathi took offence when a Twitter user named ThisIsPalo wrote: “Wife gets beaten by husband. Unathi: Why didn’t you become lesbian? You married him and know men can be abusive.”

Unathi sent a direct message to Palo reading: “F**k you twice over. The lesbian allegations and calling my husband a woman. F**k you.”

In a statement yesterday, Unathi said she was very upset as the incident had led to her being accused of advocating rape, gender inequality and homophobia when she was in fact passionate about ending those things.

“As upset as I was at that time, I should not have used offensive language. I, therefore, publicly wish to apologise for my choice of language,” she said.

She said she was just expressing her personal opinion on the language policy at Stellenbosch.

“My opinion became the subject of a Twitter debate. Unfortunately, some of the comments that followed criticised me in ways I felt violated my personal life and beliefs,” she said.

She said in the future, she would not be bullied on Twitter.

“I will exercise better judgement when using this platform. I thank those who supported me,” she added. The SABC announced on Tuesday that Unathi was suspended with immediate effect.

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