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40 year old LETTER Nkuna wants justice to be done. The man from Legae near Lenasia, south of Joburg, claims he was accidentally shot by police in November, but that the lawmen were not helping him get closure on the matter.

Letter said he was on his way from a shop after buying meat when he was hit by a police bullet.


“I had just left the shop when I suddenly heard a loud bang,” he said.

Letter said he saw a BMW had crashed into a gate and he was the first on the scene. But moments later, a Golf police car and security car that had apparently been chasing the BMW came charging in, shooting at its occupants.

Before he could fully comprehend what was going on, Letter was struck by a stray bullet. The bullet hit him near his rib cage and he immediately fell down.

Letter Nkuna
Letter Nkuna shows the scar where he says SAPS officers shot him.

“I saw blood flowing and began to feel weak and drowsy. Cops rushed towards me thinking maybe I was a suspect but when they saw my grocery bags, they realised I was innocent.”

The cops called the ambulance and Letter was admitted to hospital, where he received treatment.

He then opened a case at Lenasia cop shop but said that until today, he had not been informed about the case or what was going on.

He said police insisted the thugs they were chasing shot him, but he distinctly remember that the bullets fired came from the cops’ direction.

He said the car that the cops were chasing was behind him and he was shot from the front.

Lenasia police spokesman Mbulaheni Netshivhoda alleged Letter wasn’t shot by police but by the thugs they were chasing.

“We are still investigating,” he said.

-Daily Sun


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