TAXI MAN Ngconde Fana didn’t believe there was such a thing as witchcraft.

But on Saturday night, the 35-year-old saw something that changed his mind forever!


First he remembered someone banging on his bedroom window, warning him not to come out or try to scream.

He thought he was dreaming, but a few minutes later, he heard a big bang in front of his house, and he looked outside.

Standing next to his burning taxi, Ngconde said he saw two abelungu women in bikinis riding a headless pig!

Ngconde said he grabbed his gun and headed out the door. But when he got outside, the women and their pig had vanished.

Ngconde, from Ntlekiseni Village in Mthatha, told Daily Sun he always thought witchcraft was just a taboo subject but that now he realised evil actually existed.

He said it was just after 1am when he heard someone banging on his window.

“I saw my taxi in flames. Right next to it were two white women riding on a big, headless pig. I took my gun and reached for the door but when I got outside, the women had disappeared together with the pig,” said Ngconde.

He said his screams for help summoned boozers from a neighbouring tavern, who helped put out the flames.

Neighbour Solly Mdabe (43) said Ngconde’s screams that woke them up.

“We heard him scream but I didn’t hear any loud explosions,” said Solly.

He said he was shocked by Ngconde’s claims.

The following day, Ngconde visited a local pastor who prayed for him and gave him holy water.

“I am still planning to open a case with the police and claim from my insurance company, but before that, I have to perform a cleansing ritual.

“I’m convinced those abelungu were ghosts!” he said.

When contacted for comment, sangoma Gogo Nkanyezi said spiritually pigs were associated with filth and uncleanliness.

“It may be a sign that Ngconde owes his yard some cleansing ceremony,” said Gogo.

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