Mordekay was closing up his shop on Friday evening and looking forward to a quiet evening at home.

But apparently a twerking tokoloshe arrived with other plans.


Mordekay Tadese (31) is a shop owner from Manpower kasi outside Mthatha, Eastern Cape.

“I was just closing my shop when I saw a naked, short, hairy creature in front of me,” he said.

“The creature had a very long beard but also had breasts and a punani.”

He said it was carrying a radio and a petrol bomb.

Mordekay Tadese“It spoke to me in my home language and said, ‘Hello, I miss you’.”

He said he then called for help from Allah, which seemed to excite the tokoloshe.

“The creature turned on the radio and Let it Burn by Usher started playing.

“It started twerking, coming closer and closer,” said Mordekay. He said he got so scared that he fell down unconscious.

“The next thing I knew, I was in my brother’s bakkie with a wet towel and ice blocks on my forehead.”

Mordekay’s brother said he was called by one of the neighbours to say that Mordekay’s shop was on fire, and his brother was behaving strangely.

Neighbour madala Vezi Nxumalo (68) said he heard loud music coming from the shop and thought it was a party.

“But then I heard a loud bang just after 11pm and went outside.

“The shop was on fire and Mordekay was dancing around in front of the shop like a wild man,” said the madala.

“I shouted for the neighbours and called Mordekay’s brother.”

He said Mordekay and his brother refused to call the police, saying it was a spiritual battle and that the police needn’t be involved.

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