Bonang Matheba has opened up about love and relationships in a new interview with Grazia magazine






In the article‚ the TV and radio personality gave us a glimpse into her love life‚ explaining that she wants to get married before having children.

It’s the magazine’s 4th birthday issue and Bonang has repeated that she is not ready to get married or have children just yet. “I’d like to get married to a stable‚ mature man before I have children. I want to be very‚ very comfortable before I welcome a bundle of joy into the world.”

While she and AKA are in a steady relationship‚ Matheba says she is loving living her life right now. “I still want to travel the world‚ sleep late‚ buy expensive shoes‚ buy expensive cars‚ party in the morning and wake up with a hangover once in a while without having to worry.”

She went on to say that when she is in a relationship‚ she makes sure she gives it her all.

“I am a Cancerian, so I’m literally love personified. I love hard; I love deep- and it’s the only way I’d want to live,” she said.

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