Drama unfolded in the streets of Orania after a gardener was seen on video being chased n_aked after being found having s_ex with his madam.

The incident happened in broad daylight last Wednesday and it is reported the husband, Kobus came back from work early to surprise his wife on their anniversary only to find his gardener, Thabang busy bonking his wife of 4 years. Orania is a well known Afrikaaner community in the Northern Cape and the incident has sent shock waves within the community.




Reporting the events, one of Thabang’s friends said Thabang and Madam Van Wyk had been an item for over three months now. “They started their affair long time ago when Madam indicated that she loved to taste black anaconda and you know what they say, ‘once you go black, you never go back’ reported the friend who refused to be named for fear of losing his job.

Kobus was seen chasing a na_ked Thabang in the streets with Thabang trying hard to hide his possessions with his hands. Eventually Kobus caught up with Thabang and gave him a few klaps. Thabang eventually managed to escape, still in the nu_de. In the video, Kobus’ wife was heard mocking him for his lack of se_xual gusto and said she preferred ‘black dong’.

Kobus was eventually restrained by his friend Piet. It was not immediately ascertained what had happened to Thabang but reports suggested he had been given refuge and a job by another widow in Orania.

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