Amanda du-Pont has made no secret of her love life being on point at the moment, often posting loved-up snaps with her man, Shawn Rodriques.

Amanda, who is the cover girl for local magazine Grazia, has again spoken out about her man, explaining that when she first met him she knew that he was ‘the one.’


“I knew the minute I laid eyes on him that he was the one. And not ‘The One’ in that cheesy lover way, but I mean my best friend. My everything. He’s the homie. We laugh, travel – all of that,” she told the mag.





Amanda has previously said that she loves that her man isn’t in the industry but has now explained that despite that, he does push her to do more.

“He’s a white-collar guy. I think any other relationship would be strained, but he’s supportive of me and what I do more than anything else. He always pushes me to do more. His business mind helps me so much, too.”

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