Actor Fumani Shilubana claims he had no place to live‚ and was therefore‚ forced to squat at a friend’s place after his divorce three years ago.

Speaking to Move‚ Fumani explained that the divorce came after his marriage underwent a few rocky moments.


“There were some difficult times in my marriage for some time‚ and the divorce was finalised three years ago‚” he told the local publication‚ before adding that he was left homeless as a result.

“I had no place to stay after the divorce‚ but luckily‚ a good friend took me in and helped me face what I was going through.”

Despite the challenges‚ Fumani claimed to have stayed hopeful‚ and with the help of the “Holy Spirit“‚ he managed to keep going.

Fumani“As hard as it was‚ I didn’t lose hope‚ because I’ve always known I was destined for greatness.

“I must say‚ there were moments when I was discouraged‚ but my instinct which I regarded as the Holy Spirit‚ kept me going‚” he revealed.

Fumani‚ who has an 11-year-old son‚ started a non-profit organisation‚ FatherFigureZA‚ aimed at integrating men into their families after his divorce.

During an interview with CityBuzz‚ he explained that he established the foundation to address the issues of absent fathers.

“Our society blames the absent fathers too much and we are at a point where we never really look at the real reasons. We play the blame game so well that we lose focus on the real issue. Like for a child not to have a father – a mother can also contribute to that‚ migration labour could play a role‚ cultural practices etc.”

He addresses these issues with the youth of today by discussing it at various conferences‚ lectures and on the radio.

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