I was staying alone in the city for my higher studies. I was staying in a small flat, in the same building where my cousin sister lived with her husband and newborn baby. I used to visit them almost everyday and we were very close.

My brother-in-law was looking for a job in US and finally he got it. He had to leave immediately but my cousin had to stay back with the baby, as she could only go after six months. I promised my brother in law to take care of them in his absence. My college used to start late in the day and I would be free in the mornings. My cousin asked me to come in every morning so that I could look after the baby while she took a bath.


Things were going smoothly for a couple of days. Then, one day while strolling through their house, as the baby was asleep, I noticed that the bathroom door had a gap in the wood through which I could see inside. I came close and stood transfixed when I saw my beautiful and s-e-xy cousin completely n@-ked and having a bath. She was very fair and had a figure to die for.

fucking my cousin sisterShe had very firm b00bs with no hint of sag. Her nip–ples were er3ct and pinkish brown in color. She had a perfectly flat stomach and a small bush of hairs on her cu–nt. She had well rounded and firm but slightly large but-tocks. Her skin was unblemished and she had shoulder length hair and full and rosy lips. As the bathroom was very small, she was very close to the door and I could almost touch her. I watched her till she finished her bath and then moved away. This became a habit with me and I looked forward to my morning duty everyday.

After watching her having a bath for a few days, I realized that certain changes had happened. She was spending more time in the bathroom. From her expressions it seemed that she was enjoying the feel of water on her n@-ked body. She was messaging her b00bs more and also occasionally rubbing her cu–nt, which she never used to do earlier.

I realized that she was feeling h0-rny and missing her husband. I thought this was perhaps the right time to have a go at her. To judge her reaction, I deliberately bumped on the bathroom door a couple of times. She must have realized that I was watching her, as I was the only one in the house. But she gave no reaction later, so I assumed it she was open minded enough to accept it.

Then I made a plan to bring out things in the open.


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