BONGANI lives in fear of the car he bought three years ago. That is because an invisible woman with an angry voice chases him out of his own car.

“I was shocked when I heard the voice in the car the first day I got into it,” said Bongani Mbuli (50) from Spruitview, Ekurhuleni.


He said his Nissan Sentra 140i has been gathering dust in his yard for three years.

“I own a car but I’m forced to walk long distances. I have tried to use the car many times but the same thing happens.”

He said the voice, which sounds like an angry black woman, scared him and his wife.

“We don’t want to come close to the car. The woman wants me to give the car back to the panel beater who sold it to me and get my money back,” said Bongani.

He said he consulted sangomas who told him that the woman owner of the car must have died in a horror crash.

The sangomas also told him that the family of the dead woman did not perform rituals to collect her spirit.

Bongani Mbuli
Bongani Mbuli from Spruitview cannot drive his Nissan Sentra because he feels haunted in it.

Bongani said the sangoma said he must return the car to the owners to perform the rituals and remove the woman’s spirit from the car.

Bongani said the seller wasn’t willing to take the car back.

“I don’t know what to do. My money is gone and I can’t use the car,” he said.

Kamdem Leopold, who sold the car to Bongani, said that he has arranged to give Bongani his money back.

Kamdem said the previous owner of the car can’t be contacted to take care of the paperwork for the car.

He said the car was involved in an accident before he bought it.

“But Bongani has not told me about the voices.”

-Daily Sun

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