In this age of  weaves and hair style obsession we all have seen a very bad hairline at some point and wondered where did the person go wrong so I can prevent mine from reaching that state of horror.

Well HypeAvenue brings you tips on how  to  prevent the loss of your precious hairline and keep your crown looking consistently glorious.


Tip 1: Minimize all pulling of the  hair too tight.

Too much tension results in broken hairs and hair loss over time. Hair styles that involve tight pulling should be  done  on a minimum or loosely.

If a hairstyle hurts then you should listen to your hair.

Tip 2: Rather get polyester or silk pillow casings than wear a head scarf.

Wearing tight head scarves ( doek) can damage your hairline especially when sleeping.

Tip 3: Apply healthy natural oils and butter to your hair line and massage.

Oils such as olive, castor, coconut and Shea and mango Butter contains substances and vitamins that can soothe and nourish the scalp along the edges.

Tip 4: Avoid sleeping in a ponytail, but or an updo.

As you toss and turn at night pulling can occur which may damage hair follicles more so if you have a sensitive hairline.

Tip 5: Avoid wearing elastic headbands, bandanas and tight scarves too frequently.

Once in a while is completely fine  but daily is probably not, rather wear a loose scarve instead of an elastic band.

Tip 6: Do not redo braids or twists along the edges week by week.

This is crucial if you  have a sensitive hairline.

Tip 7: Do not make braids/ twists too small and tight along the hairline.

Hope these tips help you maintain your beautiful and healthy hairline. Remember learn how to love your body and it will love you back.

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