How To Satisfy A Woman Properly – KNOW how to GIVE IT TO HER THE RIGHT WAY!!!. Here’s exactly what you need to know: Follow the steps and be the master….

Ideal Conditions

  • No food 3 hours before, this will drastically increase your stamina and performance
  • Lube/condom/toys/baby wipes within close reach, ideally nightstand
  • Showered
  • Bodily functions taken care of
  • Generic Cialis if necessary
  • Day Time/early evening sex as you’ll have more energy in general
  • Avoid caffeine, it’s a vasoconstrictor and a stimulant, you want your nervous system to be relaxed for good sex
  • Phenibut for relaxation and stronger sensations


  • At least 10 minutes of foreplay is ideal
  • The exception to this would be if she’s already super horny, say you’ve been sexting her on Tinder, then you can skip all the foreplay and get right into fucking
  • Usually though you want to start with kissing, stroking, rubbing her through her clothes, you can always rip her clothes off but usually it’s better to tease her with anticipation first, you want that pussy to be dripping by the time you touch it.
  • Tune in to the subtle ways she kisses/touches you and mimic her movements back to her to create a seamless rhythm and put yourself and her into a trance

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