Following the collapse of scaffolding for a bridge in Sandton, the M1 highway has been closed from the Buccleuch Interchange in the north, and Athol Oaklands Road in the south, until the debris from the collapse is cleared away.

Motorists as a result face the challenge of commuting to and from Sandton on Thursday, although the City of Johannesburg anticipates the highway being clear in time for afternoon peak traffic.


Below are a few suggestions of alternative routes in and out of Sandton for those commuting from Pretoria or Midrand, or the Johannesburg CBD.

From Pretoria or Midrand:

–¬† Traffic is being diverted at the Bucceuch Interchange, meaning motorists have the option of taking the N1 or N3 highways. Off the N1, they can take Rivonia Road or William Nicol Drive. Both of these routes are likely to be congested throughout the morning.

– For those that use the N3, they have the option of either taking the Marlboro Road offramp, which puts commuters onto Katherine Street leading into Sandton.

They can also take the next offramp, being London Road between Alexandra and Bramley, which goes over the M1 via the Grayston concrete bridge, which remains open. London Road becomes Wynberg Road and then Arkwright Avenue prior to reaching the M1.

Road users also have the option, before passing under the M1, of turning right onto South Road, which passes through Bowling Avenue (Katherine Street starts at Marlboro Drive) and ends on Rivonia Road by the Shell garage.

– Motorists coming from the north also have the option of using Pretoria Main Road (R101), which will take users up to Marlboro Drive, or if they continued straight would lead them to Arkwright Avenue.

– For motorists travelling on William Nicol from the N1, they can turn right onto Bryanston Drive which eventually ends at Rivonia Road by the Sandton police station. Further down William Nicol, they can turn right onto Ballyclare Drive, which meets Outspan Road after passing Coleraine Drive.

Turning left onto Outspan Road will put motorists onto Rivonia Road by the Morningside Shopping Centre. Turning right onto Outspan Road then right again will put motorists onto Benmore Road, which leads motorists to Grayston Drive past the Benmore Shopping Centre.


From Johannesburg CBD:

– Motorists can take the M1 from the CBD and take the Jan Smuts Avenue off-ramp. Turning left onto Jan Smuts Avenue will take motorists eventually to the top of William Nicol Drive by Hyde Park Corner.

However, motorists travelling down Jan Smuts Avenue can also turn right onto Bompas Road prior to reaching William Nicol. Left at the next set of traffic lights travelling up Bompas Road puts motorists on Melville Road, which ends on Rivonia Road by St David’s Marist school.

Going straight over Jan Smuts Avenue will put motorists on St Andrews Road where your next three lefts will put motorists onto Oxford Road, which eventually becomes Rivonia Road.

Road users also have the option of travelling straight down Jan Smuts Avenue from the city centre, where it is called Bertha Street at the end of the Nelson Mandela Bridge, and becomes Jan Smuts Avenue past Ameshoff Street.

– Off the M1 travelling north, motorists can take the 11th Avenue, which takes vehicles to Oxford Road. Motorists could also take the Glenhove Road offramp, which takes motorists also onto Oxford Road.

Another option, once you turn left onto Glenhove Road off the M1, is to take the immediate right onto Somerville Avenue or right at the first set of traffic lights motorists meet onto 5th Street. Both roads put motorists onto Melrose Street, where road users turn left then right at the circle onto Venus Street.

Straight to the end of Venus Street puts motorists onto North Street. Turn left onto North Street, then right at the circle onto Rudd Road. Go straight over Corlett Drive on Rudd Road to its very end, which meets Rivonia Road.

– Those who take Athol Oakloads Road, instead of turning left onto Corlett Drive which it passes over, can go straight till the T-junction at its end. When there, motorists turning right onto Athol Road can follow to its end, another T-junction onto Dennis Road. Turn right into Dennis Road, and follow it all the way to the end which is Katherine Street past Grayston Drive.

– Source: News24

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