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South African women have very different cultures which makes it difficult to get lucky. The cultures are largely drawn along racial lines but those lines are blurring very quickly.

Black women

Black South African women are by far the most sexually liberated in South Africa. If you want to get sex and there was a choice of races, then go black! Black women behave very differently depending on upbringing and their culture/ tribe and religion. The rich pampered black ladies who hang around Sandton and Rosebank are generally spoilt and behave more like white women, your chances are better with a prostitute and it will cost you a lot less.

Black women who have not been spoilt by money are good fun. Buy them and their friends a few drinks and you will definitely get sex. In fact black women seem to believe that if you give them something, no matter how small, then they owe you. If lucky, you can even get sex for giving a woman a ride home!


Finding black women is not difficult. At night go to any CBD and you should find a dodgy bar with lots of black women on the hunt. Townships are a bit difficult and you can drive around for hours without finding a good bar because it is mostly men who drink in townships. Just about every take out (KFC, McDonalds, Chicken Licken) is packed with yummy black chicks over lunch time. Strike up a conversation.

Women are very materialistic. Simple gifts will get you very far. Cellphone airtime works better than flowers, R50 will get you far but R200 is really splashing out, even on the verge of wasteful. A decent cellphone will get you loads of sex. It is not uncommon to buy a women her groceries, clothes and help with the rent.

Black women are mostly polygamous. It is not uncommon for a black women to have two boyfriends but they will rarely admit to it.

HIV and AIDS is unfortunately very severe in Black Women. Know the risks: do a Google search on HIV prevalence rates to understand this better. In short, get an HIV test with the woman or wear a condom.

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Coloured women

In South Africa “coloured” refers to people of mixed race, not black people. Coloureds women in South Africa have a reputation for being really good in bed and really good at extracting money out of men. Often prettier than black women, coloured women are hard to find. Coloured women are easier to get into bed than white women but a little harder than black women. Coloured areas tend to be rough. Coloured places are not the kind of places that you want to walk about without a shotgun at the ready but this is where the coloured honeys hang about in mass.

how to get sex from a coloured woman

White women

White people in South Africa are quite racist. You are unlikely to get lucky with a white woman unless you are white, wealthy or Denzel Washington. Easy white women can be found in clubs like Billy the Bums in Fourways. You are going to look at an investment of about 2 weeks to 3 months to get a white woman into bed. Their ultra conservative upbringing makes their knickers as strong as Adamantium.

Indian women

Just give up, you are not going to find an Indian woman who is going to sleep with you unless you marry them.

Asian women

There are very few asian women in Johannesburg. There are plenty of Asians in brothels like Royal Park Hotel and on the escort websites though.


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