Whether it’s a Tinder match you barely spoke with or a friend of a friend, blind dates are hard. The biggest obstacle being that they may be theoretically blind, but before we even go, we’ve created scenarios in our mind. This may include how they may look or act , how they may react to how we look or act, how things may go, and our end result and exit strategy.

In fact, the very high failure rate of our blind dates may be directly related to these completely counterproductive preconceptions…

Set The Expectations To Neutral


You are going to meet a person. That’s all. “Don’t think it’s going to be a waste of time, don’t think it’s going to be the universe bringing you your spouse. This is simply law of attraction at work. See the blind date meeting as information from the universe telling you what your vibe is like. Like attracts like so pay attention to your blind date. You can end up seeing a whole lot of truth about where you are in your life,” says Lisa Concepcion is the founder of LoveQuest Marketing, a personal development firm that applies proven marketing techniques and tactics to teach people how to find, give and keep love.

Have A Plan

When you call her to ask her out have a plan of what you would like to do on the date. “Even if you are just meeting for coffee, have a plan where you would like to go for coffee. When she sees you have taken the time to plan the date, it makes the woman feel special. If you ask her to plan where to go, she may think you are not able to make any decisions,” says Elliott Katz, author of Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man.

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Dress To Impress

A great first impression is crucial in getting a second date. “Make sure your clothes are nicely fitted, ironed and clean! Clean up your haircut, nails and make sure any facial hair is nicely trimmed,” says Amanda Rose, founder/CEO of Dating Boutique.

“Assuming you are meeting your blind date for a drink at a bar or dinner at a restaurant my go to outfit would be a button down shirt in a print, like a navy and white check or plaid, not the plain white or light blue one that you wore to the office that day,” says Nicola Harrison Ruiz an image and style consultant and founder the of Harrison Style. Roll the sleeves a few times. Pair if with dark, slim fitting jeans, a brown belt and brown shoes. This looks dressed up but not business-like. “If you want to take it up a notch add a layer such as a quarter-zip mock-neck sweater that lets the shirt peek out, or a thin quilted zip vest — I like the ones from Barbour. Layering always makes an outfit look more intentional and put together,” says Ruiz. Save the suit and tie for a night at the theater, and save the T-shirt, jeans and sneakers for date three of four, when you go to a football game.

“The biggest mistake I see men making that can make them look overweight, sloppy and unstyled is that they buy clothes too big for them. I’m not suggesting you wear skinny jeans or skin-tight dress shirts but even if you’re a bigger guy either get some custom shirts that will be made to perfectly fit your proportions or get measured and try on the trim-fit or slim fit shirts. Too often I see guys wearing shirts that look like balloons and when they get properly fitted they look about 10 pounds lighter,” says Ruiz.

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