Why some men think that all women want to sleep with them comes down to their ‘attachment style,’ according to a study.

Research has shown that men have a tendency to misjudge a woman’s sexual intent, often based on individual or situational factors such as alcohol intoxication.
A man’s attachment style, a personality trait reflecting his romantic relationship tendencies, may actually influence his perceptions of whether a woman is interested in him sexually.
Researchers asked nearly 500 men to imagine a scenario in which an attractive woman at a nightclub catches their eye. The woman notices she is being stared at and smiles back.

The study found that men on the higher end of the attachment anxiety spectrum were likely to imagine a woman being sexually interested in them. This is attributed to their strong desire for intimacy.
Further, men higher in attachment anxiety project their own flirtatiousness and sexual interest onto the woman, based on their hopes that she will reciprocate.

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