Agreed, se_x does not solve everything in a relationship but it sure cannot hurt when it comes to some situations.

Se_x is a way to connect with your partner and this can come in handy whenever situations like the ones below come up.


1. Boredom: So you are hanging out with your partner on a lazy Sunday evening and there is nothing to do to kill time. You might want to try taking off your clothes and getting naughty. Why? Because it feels good, it gives you something to do, and even burns calories. We bet nothing else will give you these much perks.

2. Emotional disconnection: In a relationship, there are some times you feel disconnected with your partner. This can manifest itself through too regular arguments or the feeling of annoyance with one another. Se_x might not completely solve this, but it sure goes a long way in making your partner feel like you are still invested in the relationship. Sometimes, it might be all you both need to open up and air out whatever is wrong. Nothing like a nice, quiet post-se_x pillow talk to encourage you to talk out your issues.

3. Self-image issues: Are you or your partner having self-image issues? Sometimes, a woman who might feel unattractive after having a baby or might feel like she is adding weight. A man can also feel uncomfortable if his looks are changing too. The best way to remind your partner that you are still attracted to them, no matter how they look, is to simply take them to bed and show them. All the talking and compliment in the world might not help. But making love to them and showing how their body turns you on might be all they need.

4. Infertility: This might seem completely obvious, but you will not believe how many couples pull away from each other when they have not had a child within a particular time frame. They put a distance between themselves emotionally and physically. They might even begin to blame each other for their predicament. We all know that se_x is needed to make babies, so when couples pull apart, they have made it 100 percent certain that no baby will be made. Have more se_x, you just never know.

5. Stress: We live in a stressful society. Financial stress, money issues, job stress, relationship challenges might leave you feeling almost depressed and frustrated. You will notice some people even turn to alcohol, food or drugs to deal. Why go for unhealthy solutions when you can turn to your partner and make some sweet, tender love. Se_x has been proven to help with stress, so you should let it. Having more se_x at a stressful time will cause you to be way less obsessed with all the stressful situations around you.


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