Actress Sophie Ndaba has come out strongly to rubbish claims that she is a Herballife ambassador and that the weight loss products helped her shed those unwanted kilos.

Sophie has set the record straight over the swirling perception which has seen pictures of her at the Herbalife headquarters in South Africa being circulated on social media.


Speaking to TMG Entertainment Sophie explained that she has decided to set the record straight after she was inundated with enquiries from fans about the product.

“It all started after I visited Herbalife with a client of mine in my capacity as a wedding planner. Staff who recognised me asked for pictures‚ which were uploaded to their Facebook profiles creating a perception that I was there for my own weight loss journey. But Herbalife has nothing to do with me losing weight‚” she explained.

Sophie added that even though Herbalife is a reputable product in South Africa and she had nothing against the company‚ her problem lies with the perception of her being a brand ambassador‚ which is completely untrue.

“This perception is completely disheartening to me because I am a type 2 Diabetic and people living with diabetes view me as a role model‚ and it is very important for people not to align this perception with me.”

Sophie explained that as a diabetic she had had to cut down all sugar in her life and adopt a healthy lifestyle‚ which has helped her lose the weight.

“It is very very important that I don’t send out the wrong message to people and whatever product is associated with me needs to be researched properly and needs to be 100% safe for diabetics. I have a responsibility to make sure that whatever product is aligned with me is safe for a diabetic to take because if it isn’t it could send a person into a diabetic coma.”

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